Maximiser le potentiel économique du Québec - 13 réflexions

The ageing of the population and the acceleration of economic growth in emerging countries, particularly China, have led many economists to say that the time has now come to see economic growth in developed countries slow down. Some even talk about a new standard, indicating that this slower growth will be a permanent phenomenon and that it is better to get used to it. Where is Quebec in all this? What decisions must be made by our leaders to maximize, in this context, the province's economic potential in the short, medium and long term? In an attempt to answer these major questions, this book calls on 13 economists, who have given themselves the mandate to write a practical guide. The recommendations are clear and the analysis made is accessible to all readers who want to know more about Quebec's economic future.

From the "Point de mire sur le Québec économique" series, edited by Mario Lefebvre with Marcelin Joanis and Luc Godbout and published by Presses de l'Université Laval (PUL), the book is available electronically via the PUL website or in bookstores.

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