PERSPECTIVES is CIRANO’s journal for the dissemination and valorization of research. Written in a format that is accessible to a wider audience, the articles in PERSPECTIVES provide visibility to the work and expertise of CIRANO's research community.

Through this dissemination tool, CIRANO seeks to reach the scientific community, the academic community and CIRANO's partners, including government policy makers, as well as, more broadly, the entire Quebec society.

As with all CIRANO publications, the articles are based on a rigorously documented analysis by CIRANO researchers and Fellows.

Each article has a DOI (Digital Object Identifier) which guarantees the distribution, referencing and preservation of digital files according to international standards.

Editorial Policy

CIRANO ensures the scientific quality of its publications by a systematic review of articles by a reading committee made up of recognized specialists from the academic world.

All manuscripts submitted for publication in PERSPECTIVES are evaluated by external reviewers chosen by CIRANO's Scientific Committee for their field of expertise.

The articles published in PERSPECTIVES are the sole responsibility of their authors.

Articles must meet the academic requirements of the discipline, yet be understandable to a non-specialist readership.

Once published, a CIRANO Project Report or a CIRANO Working Paper could be published in PERSPECTIVES.

Articles are targeted at 3,000 words in length and must include a maximum of four figures or graphics.

A French version of articles published in English is always made available. Articles are accompanied by an abstract in French and English (about 200 words) and a maximum of five keywords.

The Chief editor provides support to authors throughout the writing process.

Linguistic revision, formatting and translation into French of articles published in English are provided by CIRANO’s team.

As with all CIRANO publications, CIRANO’s team assumes responsibility for the dissemination and valorization activities of the articles published in PERSPECTIVES.



Nathalie de Marcellis-Warin, Ingrid Peignier and Thomas Gleize


Confondre comportements immatures en classe et TDAH

Catherine Haeck, Pierre Lefebvre, Geneviève Lefebvre and Philip Merrigan

Education and Health

S’attaquer à la sous-scolarisation des hommes sans nuire au succès des femmes

Catherine Haeck, Robert Lacroix and Richard E. Tremblay

Skills, Education and Inequality and Poverty

Les propriétaires de maisons ont-ils raison de craindre l’arrivée de logements sociaux dans leur quartier ?

Jean Dubé, François Des Rosiers and Nicolas Devaux

Inequality and Poverty, Infrastructures and Territories

Améliorer les compétences en mathématiques au Québec: Cinq recommandations tirées d’En avant math !

Nathalie de Marcellis-Warin, Molivann Panot, Genevieve Dufour and Louise Poirier

Human Capital, Skills, Education and Labour Market

Les diverses facettes du travail hybride: Premiers résultats d’une enquête longitudinale sur la performance et la satisfaction au travail

Ali Béjaoui, Sylvie St-Onge, Ingrid Peignier and Felix Ballesteros Leiva

Work, Labour Market and Human Resources

Risques liés aux chaînes d’approvisionnement : réalité vécue et perceptions de la population du Québec

Thierry Warin

International Development, Economy, Strategy and International Economy and World Economy

Chaînes logistiques sous pression : Comment la science des données peut-elle aider ?

Thierry Warin

World Economy and Data Sciences

Supply chains under pressure: How can data science help?

Thierry Warin

World Economy and Data Sciences

Mesurer l’accès et la qualité des soins de première ligne au Québec : Réflexions issues de recherches sur la prise en charge des patients

Erin C. Strumpf, Laurie J. Goldsmith, Caroline E. King, Ruth Lavergne, Rita McCracken, Kimberlyn M. McGrail, Leora Simon and 2 other authors

Social Policies and Health

Measuring Access to and Quality of Primary Care in Quebec: Insights from Research on Patient Enrolment Policies

Erin C. Strumpf, Laurie J. Goldsmith, Caroline E. King, Ruth Lavergne, Rita McCracken, Kimberlyn M. McGrail, Leora Simon and 2 other authors

Social Policies and Health