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September 15, 2023

Les marques territoriales dans le secteur bioalimentaire : un outil pour favoriser l’achat local et de proximité

In its 2018–2025 Bio-food Policy, the Quebec government aims to make “buying locally” one of the cornerstones of economic and social prosperity. Territorial brands are strongly favoured to promote local buying. These include initiatives such as Maïs sucré de Neuville, Agneau de Charlevoix, Saveurs du Bas-Saint-Laurent, Mauricie Gourmande or Aliments du Québec. Have these initiatives really been successful? In this study, the authors answer this question and propose several avenues of reflection to help the bio-food sector better structure the development and management of territorial brands and ensure that they become an increasingly important part of Quebecers' consumer habits.

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Monter dans le train et gravir l’échelle sociale. Le rôle de la mobilité géographique dans la lutte contre les inégalités au Québec

Yacine Boujija, Marie Connolly and Xavier St-Denis

Human Capital, Inequality and Distribution of Income and Labour Market

Healthcare Quality by Specialists under a Mixed Compensation System: an Empirical Analysis

Damien Échevin, Bernard Fortin and Aristide Houndetoungan