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July 12, 2021

Charitable Giving: Framing and the Role of Information

We study the impact of information on the effectiveness of a taking frame in the context of charitable giving. In our laboratory experiment, either the decision maker (giving frame) or the recipient (taking frame) receives an endowment. In both cases, the decision maker can freely decide the final allocation of the money. In addition to the frame, we vary the level of information that we provide about the worthiness of the receiving charity. In keeping with our theoretical prediction, participants donate significantly more, when the decision is framed as taking rather than as giving.

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The Short-Run, Dynamic Employment Effects of Natural Disasters: New Insights

Alessandro Barattieri, Patrice Borda, Alberto Brugnoli, Martino Pelli and Jeanne Tschopp

International Development and Environment

Détermination du PIB réel trimestriel du Québec et analyse du cycle économique, 1948-1980

Mario Fortin, Marcelin Joanis, Philippe Kabore and Luc Savard

Economic and Fiscal Policy

Le lien entre les compétences en numératie et les rendements sur le marché du travail au Québec

Raquel Fonseca, Marie Mélanie Fontaine and Catherine Haeck

Skills and Labour Market