Évaluation économique de l'implantation du service de premiers répondants au sein du Service de Sécurité Incendie de Montréal

This report, about the implementation of first responder service in Montreal, fits in the context of the new Quebec act on prehospital emergency care passed on December 2002 (Bill 96), and also in the context of the merger of fire services in Montreal. The CIRANO was contracted to perform an economic analysis of the implementation of a first responder service in Montreal involving the evaluation of the costs associated with this type of services, as well as the benefits that it brought to the society (especially the reduction of public healthcare costs).
On-going research shows that the existence of such services present considerable potential (in terms of effectiveness and impacts), even if some problems of financing and organizing aren't to neglect. Thus the CIRANO's research project regroups all the elements necessary to conduct the economic analysis about the implementation of a first responder service in the Montreal fire department as well as to evaluate its profitability (methodology used for the cost/benefit analysis is also explain).
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