The Integrated Product Policy and the Innovation Process: An Overview

The first part of this report presents the main debates concerning a proposal for establishing an Integrated Product Policy (IPP) in Europe. It shows the importance of applying a systemic approach in order to minimize the negative environmental impacts of products throughout their life cycle and how this policy differs from the traditional ways of dealing with this question. It presents a framework in which governments, local authorities, businesses and non-governmental organisations interact to adopt green product policies and to promote a greener demand. The main instruments necessary to put forward such a strategy are introduced and discussed.
The second part of the report concentrates on a central issue of the IPP, namely the process of innovation as a key determinant in the greening of markets. This second section intends to (1) identify the specificities of innovation in an environmental context in order to acknowledge the need for a holistic and coordinated policy and (2) to present some limits of the IPP in its conceptual approach.
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