02 September 2015

A new player in the world of public pensions: the Province of Ontario Pension Plan

In the note below and interview conducted by Michel Magnan, Fellow at CIRANO, Paul Gauthier, Invited Fellow at CIRANO and retired President of BIMCOR, elaborates further on the reasons that led to these provincial initiatives. He also comments on the similarities and differences between the two plans. For example, while Quebec has chosen to take a voluntary approach to worker contributions, Ontario is moving towards requiring both the employer and the employee to contribute to its new plan. In addition, Quebec benefits from the decades of experience and expertise of the Régie des rentes du Québec, while Ontario will have to create a public pension plan management infrastructure from scratch, without the support of the Canada Pension Plan.


Web Event: http://www.cirano.qc.ca/icirano/webevents/201509