Quels seront les soins de santé de première ligne du futur ? Compte-rendu du 40e Colloque Jean-Yves Rivard

This report provides a summary of the 40th Jean-Yves Rivard Symposium, organized by the Department of Health Management, Evaluation and Policy of the University of Montreal School of Public Health. The symposium, held on June 1, 2023, focused on pressing issues in primary healthcare and consisted of four panels bringing together researchers, decision-makers, healthcare professionals, and patient representatives, along with a closing lecture by an expert in healthcare system analysis. The themes addressed the optimization of the role of family physicians, the contribution of all healthcare professionals, innovative models from both local and international perspectives, and the ideal model for primary care for registered and orphan patients as well as future perspectives on primary healthcare. The key messages of the symposium highlighted the necessity of teamwork and rethinking patient affiliation models with a family physician. Other recommendations were also put forth, including expanding the collaboration between CLSCs and GMFs, exploring different models of complementary care based on patient needs, strengthening communication systems between healthcare facilities and professionals, and empowering patients at every stage of their care trajectory.

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