06 February 2019

Julien Martin, Holder of the Chaire de recherche UQAM sur l’impact local des firmes multinationales

Julien Martin, Professor at the Université du Québec à Montréal and CIRANO Fellow, holds a new UQAM Strategic Research Chair, the Chaire de recherche sur l'impact local des firmes multinationales.


Present in all sectors of the economy, multinational firms pose particular challenges to public authorities. How do their activities abroad affect the economies of the countries, regions and cities in which they operate? What tax should be adopted? Should we regulate digital multinationals? These questions will be studied by the Research Chair on the local impact of multinational firms. The research program of his chair will take the form of three projects. The first is to document the structure of international networks of multinational firms and to assess their role in shocks transmission (unforeseen changes in production conditions) in the economy. The second will analyze the effect of multinational tax avoidance on competition and the behavior of local firms. The third will integrate the digital giants into the study of the interactions between the activities of multinationals and local economies.