08 March 2023

CIRANO recognizes the exceptional contributions of women to Quebec society: Read the plea for equality in Robert Lacroix's most recent book

« The important and unexpected reversal in women's university attendance and graduation is a beautiful story that deserves to be told and understood, because it is often overlooked and, above all, because it will profoundly change our society and the place women will play in it in the future. We must nevertheless remain vigilant. What happened in the last seventy years or so followed a very long period of undervaluing of women that has left its mark. We also note that in some countries, political and religious movements are advocating for a reversal of women's rights. As long as the political power of women is not equivalent to their numbers and assets, the threat of regression is always possible.»

Excerpt (written in French) from the book by Robert Lacroix, cofounder of CIRANO, and Catherine Haeck, Claude Montmarquette and Richard E. Tremblay “La sous-scolarisation des hommes et le choix de profession des femmes” to be published by PUM.


→ Attend the book launch on March 28 at CIRANO