30 November 2022

Improving economic and financial literacy through research and financial education tools CIRANO

Improving economic and financial literacy must be a priority for Quebec, especially among young people. This is why many CIRANO researchers have ongoing research projects and some have developed online tools adapted to the financial education program taught in Quebec schools. The objective is to promote the development of knowledge in this field.



FinÉcoLab educational games: for fun learning about financial and economic concepts

Teachers can use the FinÉcoLab educational game kit to introduce their students to economic concepts related to markets and prices, individual preferences and collective and individual choices. A FinEcoLab game transforms the classroom into an experimental laboratory by involving students in a situation that reflects the interactions in which financial and economic choices are made. The learning of financial and economic concepts is done in an effective and fun way.

FinÉcoLab games are available online for free (www.finecolab.com/).


Stock market investing with the Bourstad Program

The Bourstad simulation is a set of learning activities and stock market simulations. This educational program promotes the acquisition of new knowledge in responsible investing and portfolio management. Entirely online, the participant acts as an investment advisor to a fictitious investor, following the real markets. Teachers and students participating in the simulations benefit from rich and varied support.

More information at bourstad.ca

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These tools are available in French and English.

The Autorité des marchés financiers is CIRANO's main partner for the FinÉcoLab games and the Bourstad program.