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Human Resources Forum: The Transformation of Workplaces

Online Event

Wednesday 24 Feb 2021
From 10:30AM To 12PM

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In the current pandemic context that is forcing organizations to reorganize, CIRANO, in collaboration with the Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF) and the Ordre des Conseillers en ressources humaines (CRHA), is proposing a new theme for its HR Forum: the transformation of workplaces. This Forum is exclusive to CIRANO's partners.

Organizational models are being overturned and corporate culture shaken, particularly through the adoption of massive teleworking. Today's challenges are many and complex. All organizations, both public and private, need to collaborate and exchange to better prepare for the challenges of the future.

For this theme "The Transformation of Workplaces", the experience-sharing component will consist of monthly meetings of about 1h30 online (or at CIRANO if health measures allow). Each meeting will be associated with a specific theme/issue. Depending on the topics discussed, there could be presentations by CIRANO researchers, vice-presidents of human resources from CIRANO's partner organizations or presentations by the Ordre des CRHA. A research component will also be set up in direct relation to the concerns and issues shared during the meetings.

For the first meeting, a roundtable discussion with participants (organizations) took place so that they could speak about their main issues and initiatives on this theme. Following this first meeting, the topics of interest that will serve as the main themes for each subsequent meeting were identified.


Contact: Ingrid Peignier, Senior Director of Partnerships and Research Valorization and Projects Director at CIRANO ingrid.peignier@cirano.qc.ca