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Federal Election lunch debate 2021

Public finance and taxation issues

Friday 10 Sep 2021
From 12PM To 1:30PM

The Chair of Taxation and Public Finance presented its online federal election 2021 lunch debate on September 10, 2021.


Public finance and taxation issues

What were the major fiscal and public finance issues of the 2021 federal election campaign: economic recovery and post-COVID-19 debt management, the fight against inequality, the fight against climate change or the distribution of the tax burden? These are just a few examples of issues on which voters will need to make informed choices.

In order to contribute to the public debate, the Chair invited a representative of each of the five main federal political parties to a lunchtime discussion so that they could present their vision of the government's objectives and public finances, and of the changes to be made in taxation and budget management. They have also been invited to present the fiscal framework underlying their proposals.