Management of occupational health and safety risks, integrated management of musculoskeletal injuries risks and prevention


Full professor at ÉTS since 2011, Professor Nadeau is pursuing a decidedly interdisciplinary career in applied research currently involving more than 30 industrial partners. The primary focus of the research and development activities of professor Nadeau is the management of occupational health and safety (OHS) risks and the integrated management of musculoskeletal injuries risks and prevention. An interdisciplinary approach, several models or analytical tools based on decision sciences (multi-criteria or meta-heuristic modelling), on economics (game theory) or on engineering (stochastic optimization, operational safety techniques, pressure vessel or composite materials theories) have been developed. The collaborative, business-oriented, inter-sector and creative research conducted by this candidate is widely recognized throughout the province and the country as well as internationally (Asia, Middle-East, North America, Europe, South Pacific) and has aroused keen interest in several fields (project management, product development, urban and public safety, law, human factor engineering) and in several industrial sectors (mining, construction, petrochemicals and natural gas, manufacturing, nanotechnology, automobiles, services). The majority of her results have been implemented with success in industry or by end-users.
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