12 April 2019
Seminar: Linking government assistance programs to public transit to network performance - What model for Québec?
Jean-Philippe Meloche, Georges A. Tanguay and Ugo Lachapelle presented the results of the CIRANO report « Lier les programmes d’aide gouvernementale au transport en commun à la performance des réseaux - Quel modèle pour le Québec ? ».
10 April 2019
Seminar: Evaluation of interventions focused on the social reintegration of Quebec inmates
Guy Lacroix will present the results of the CIRANO report « Évaluation des interventions axées sur la réinsertion sociale » (co-written with William Arbour and Steeve Marchand).
05 April 2019
Seminar: Breakage of underground infrastructure: What are the associated socio-economic costs? What are the risks for workers?
This seminar proposed an evaluation of all indirect costs (service interruption, congestion, intervention of emergency services, delay in the work, loss of reputation, etc.) related to the breakage of underground infrastructures and will identify the risks to which workers are exposed in the event...
05 April 2019
External Activity : Research Group on Human Capital Workshop - Using Administrative Data to Inform Public Policy
Seven academic researchers from the fields of Economics and Sociology presented recent work. The presentations primarily feature empirical research using microeconometric models, with a particular emphasis on questions of identification of causal effects.


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