Our partners: allies and sources of inspiration

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To build a bridge between the business and academic worlds, to develop research programs tailored to these organizations’ needs, and to guide researchers and practitioners into sharing their respective areas of knowledge and experience — this is the essence of CIRANO’s mission.

Partners are key to CIRANO. Whether from the business, government, or academic circles, the partners are members of CIRANO’s board of directors. They contribute to the definition of the scope of its research agenda and sit on the various committees which oversee its activities.

Governmental Partners
University Partners

Academic partners

CIRANO academic partnerships target research centers, research chairs, and university or inter-university entities in which at least one of the CIRANO researchers is involved.

Academic partnerships provide a structure for exchanges and joint research initiatives. They offer a privileged opportunity for systematic collaboration that results in publications, the organization of colloquia, seminars, or joint workshops.

Major initiatives with our partners