CIRANO logos

CIRANO logos and usage of the logo


The CIRANO logo was designed from the very beginning by Marcel Boyer, cofounder of CIRANO, VP and Scientific Director (1993-1998) and CEO (1998-2003).

CIRANO’s logotype represents its official signature in the same manner as its name.

The original version of the logo, in French and in English, contains 4 elements:

  • The "C" symbol
  • The CIRANO label
  • The slogan "Knowledge into Action"
  • The descriptor "Center for Interuniversity Research and Analysis or Organizations"

The original version is available in three other versions, in French and in English:

  • A version without the descriptor
  • A version without the descriptor and slogan
  • A vertical version of the symbol and of the mention "CIRANO"

A white version (inverted) of each of those logos exists and can be utilized when the logo must appear on a dark background.


Black and burgundy are the two colors composing the CIRANO logo.

Official colorsCIRANO and descriptor« C » and slogan
PantoneBlackPantone 7638
CMYKC=0% M=0% Y=0% K=100%C=0% M=83% Y=34% K=51%
RGBR=0 G=0 B=0R=139 G=41 B=66
Web / Hexadecimal#000000#8b2942

Usage of the logo

The original version of the logo (in color, with the four elements mentioned above) is preferred.

Depending on the document on which the logo will appear (available space, graphic design…), one of the four available versions must be used. For example, in the case where the logo has to be reduced to the point of being illegible, the descriptor can be removed.

When the logo is used on a dark or inappropriate background, the white version (inverted) of one of the four available versions must be used.

The logo can be used as a greyscale when it applies to a black and white application.

Authorization for the use of the logo

The CIRANO logo is available to third parties who must affix it on their documents.

Usage of the CIRANO logo by a third party must be pre-approved.

It is forbidden to use and distribute the CIRANO logo without authorization.

It is strictly forbidden to modify all or parts of the elements contained in the CIRANO logo.

Usage of the CIRANO logo is strictly regulated and must not be misleading: no publication must imply that it originates from CIRANO when it is not the case.

CIRANO reserves the right to request that a third party ceases the use of its logo when it believes its usage is inappropriate, and that, despite prior authorization.