02 December 2022

Jean-Philippe Meloche panelist at the Ouranos Symposium

Jean-Philippe Meloche, professor and director of the School of Urban Planning and Landscape Architecture at the Université de Montréal and principal investigator of the Territories theme at CIRANO, was panelist at the Ouranos Symposium, which took place on December 1 and 2 in Montreal, in the session « La nature pour faire face aux changements climatiques ».

During the symposium, which brought together more than 400 scientists, practitioners and decision-makers, Jean-Philippe Meloche presented the initial results of an ongoing study he is leading at CIRANO to develop an eco-fiscal prototype for the protection of natural environments.

The objective of the presentation was to present an innovative eco-taxation measure targeted at the protection of natural environments. The current research project is carried out in collaboration with the firm Habitat and is funded by Environment and Climate Change Canada and Ouranos.

Several CIRANO researchers are involved in this project, in particular Justin Leroux, professor at HEC Montréal and CIRANO Fellow and François Vaillancourt, professor emeritus at the Université de Montréal and CIRANO Fellow.