10 June 2022

Appointment of 9 new principal researchers

After a broad consultative process, research and liaison and transfer activities have been reorganized around 10 major themes and four transversal poles. The ensemble represents both the expertise and interests of the researchers and the priorities and challenges of the partners. CIRANO is proud to announce the appointment of 7 new principal investigators who will be in charge of leading research in the major themes and poles as well as 2 principal researchers who will lead the CIRANO experimental economics laboratory:



Erin C. Strumpf, Associate Professor at McGill University. (Health theme)




Martino Pelli, Associate Professor at the Université de Sherbrooke (Sustainable development and agri-food theme)



Nicolas Vincent, full professor HEC Montréal (Economic cycles and financial markets theme)




Kevin Moran, Associate Professor at Université Laval (Economic cycles and financial markets theme)




Raquel Fonseca, full professor at ESG UQAM (Inequality and poverty theme)




Markus Poschke, Associate Professor McGill University (Inequality and poverty theme)




Carl-Ardy Dubois, full professor at Université de Montréal (Health pole)




Huan Xie, associate professor at Concordia University (Experimental economics laboratory)




Sabine Kröger, full professor at the Université Laval (Experimental economics laboratory)