07 November 2023

CIRANO's research community involved in a wide-ranging consultation by the Quebec Ministry of Finance

Since 1982, Quebec's productivity gaps with its economic partners have increased, reaching 12.8% with Ontario, 15.4% with Canada and 67.8% with the United States in 2022.

Against this context, the Quebec Ministry of Finance conducted a wide-ranging consultation with experts from the academic, institutional and financial spheres, to identify the most promising measures to close the wealth gap between Quebec and its main business partners.


A number of CIRANO researchers proposed their perspectives and possible solutions:


Other CIRANO experts took part in the consultation: Nathalie De Marcellis-Warin (Polytechnique Montréal), Benoit Dostie (HEC Montréal), Jean Dubé (Université Laval), Raphaël Duguay (Yale School of Management), Robert Gagné (HEC Montréal), Luc Godbout (Université de Sherbrooke), Markus Poschke (McGill University), Dalibor Stevanovic (UQAM), Philip Merigan (UQAM), Sophie Osotimehin (UQAM), Julien Martin (UQAM).


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Summary document from Quebec Ministry of Finance