Workshop: Personalized Medicine: Legal and Economic Analyses in a Fast-Changing Field


From Thursday 14 Mar 2019 at 12PM
To Friday 15 Mar 2019 at 3:30PM



Organized in collaboration with the Industrial Alliance Research Chair on the Economics of Demographic Change, this workshop entitled "Personalized Medicine: Legal and Economic Analyses in a Fast-Changing Field" brought together speakers from North America and overseas, invited by professors Marie-Louise Leroux (ESG UQAM and CIRANO) and Philippe De Donder (ESG UQAM and CIRANO).






Physicians’ Incentives to Adopt Personalized Medicine: Experimental Evidence
David Bardey presentation slides

Disease Prevention in Adverse Selection Equilibria
David Crainich presentation slides

Personalized Medicine: The Challenges for Public and Private Health Insurance
Michael Hoy presentation slides

An Applied Econometric Assessment of the Quality of Evidence Informing Personalized Medicine
Steven Lehrer presentation slides
Paper on a related topic
Final version is Chapter 9 in Biophysical Measurement in Experimental Social Science Research

Specialized Health Utilization, Child Health Capability, and Personalized-Precision Medicine
Anand Acharya presentation slides

The Orphan Drug Act at 35
Presentation by Amitabh Chandra
Article - policy version

An Ethical and Legal Perspective on Personalized Medicine and Genetic Discrimination
Anya Prince presentation slides

Welfare Impacts of Genetic Testing in Health Insurance Markets: Will Cross-Subsidies Survive?
Philippe De Donder presentation slides


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