The Sustainability, Traceability and Succession of the Quebec Agri-Food Sector Depends on an Acceleration of Digitization

in collaboration with Christophe Mondin 

To promote local purchasing and production and to strengthen supply chains while accelerating the green shift in Quebec’s agri-food sector, digitization is imperative. Because only the digitization of food production, processing and distribution will generate the data needed to achieve these objectives. Digitization will also make it possible to “trace” the food we produce and thus validate its quality and origin, requirements that have become essential for both domestic and international markets.

Thanks to this data on Quebec’s agri-food ecosystem, we will be able to make our supply chains more resilient as well as measure and ultimately reduce the ecological footprint of agri-food chains. To make the digitization of these sectors a real priority, certain conditions must be met beforehand: equip all agricultural regions with high-speed Internet connections, establish an inventory for each sector, quickly create a monitoring center to benefit from foreign experiences and mobilize, for several years, a team dedicated fulfill this project. These are certainly demanding conditions, but they are also very structuring for the Quebec economy.

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