Baromètre de la confiance des consommateurs québécois à l'égard des aliments

Une édition 2023 marquée par un contexte inflationniste important avec un impact sur les comportements d’achat 

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In 2018, the Quebec government adopted a Biofood Policy, one of the two ambitions of this policy is to maintain a high level of confidence in food among Quebec consumers. With this in mind, CIRANO has developed the Baromètre de la confiance des consommateurs québécois à l'égard des aliments, an essential tool for all stakeholders in the biofood sector, enabling them to make informed decisions. This 3rd edition of the Barometer highlights the impact of inflation on Quebecers' purchasing behaviour. Also, although biofood companies continue to enjoy a relatively high level of confidence, especially agricultural companies, this year consumers are adopting a more critical attitude towards the biofood sector than in the previous edition. The Barometer also reveals that concern for the environment and animal welfare continues, and that interest in local food is still present, though less pronounced. The Barometer data also show that a high level of food skills and knowledge is associated with increased confidence in food. In this context, it becomes essential to strengthen the food literacy of the Quebec population, in addition to continuing to promote and identify Quebec foods.

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