Stratégie de mise à niveau technologique des entreprises québécoises

We examine the technology upgrading strategies of Quebec firms by comparing their adoption rates of new technologies to those of firms in the rest of Canada using data from Statistics Canada's Survey of Innovation and Business Strategies (SIBS) for the years 2009, 2012, and 2017. For 2017, we find that Quebec is in line with the Canadian average in terms of adoption of advanced technologies, and even ahead in terms of emerging technologies. An econometric analysis of the determinants of the adoption of these technologies then allows us to identify some explanatory factors for the differences in adoption rates between firms. We find that large firms, firms with export activities outside of Canada, firms facing higher competition, and firms with a higher percentage of employees with a university degree are all more likely to adopt new advanced technologies. Finally, we compare other upgrading strategies regarding the adoption of advanced management practices and innovation strategies.

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