Vers une économie de données : réflexions pour hausser la productivité de l’économie québécoise à l’heure de la révolution des données

In order to bridge the wealth gap between Quebec and its many partners, a strategic reorientation, driven by the data economy, seems imperative. This strategic transition should be organized around a rapid shift to a data-driven economy, in the context of climate change and the new industrial policy of the United States. We need to design a development model that goes beyond simply increasing production, and capitalizes on Quebec's international economic integration. Faced with the imperatives of the 21st century, Quebec must consolidate its position as a competitive, ecological and responsive economy. However, implementing such a reorientation requires agreement and close collaboration between various stakeholders, including government institutions, the entrepreneurial fabric and the population. In view of the constantly evolving environmental and social challenges, this profound transformation isn't only preferable, but essential.

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