Le Québec économique 10: Compétences et transformation du marché du travail

Labour market imbalances have been present for a long time, but these have been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. At the same time, a better match between the skills provided by workers and the needs of the labour market is increasingly important for Quebec's economic growth. That is why this 10th edition of Québec économique focuses on skills and the transformation of the labour market.

The various chapters in the book illustrate the complexity of the many issues. Sometimes, perceptions don't reflect the reality observed in the data. In these pages, we attempt to shed new light on the issues surrounding the workforce and its skills using evidence-based analysis.

The book presents several key elements of the theme, such as the renewed strength of the labour market in times of pandemic and various issues concerning telework. Some possible solutions to labour market imbalances are also explored: the integration of specific groups, particularly migrants or people from marginalized groups, the reorganization of work, the importance of initial training for individuals and the importance of matching skills to labour market needs.

The findings and recommendations of the 45 authors who contributed to the book will provide a better understanding of the current challenges regarding skills and the transformation of the labor market. 

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