Le Québec économique 10 - Conclusion - Enjeux du marché du travail et compétences : pistes de réflexion pour le futur

Le Québec économique 10 focuses on the theme of skills and labour market transformation and is structured around various CIRANO research projects stemming from the broad theme of "skills". The various chapters of the book illustrate that the issues surrounding this theme are complex and sometimes marked by perceptions that do not always reflect the reality observed in the data. Thus, in this 10th edition of Québec économique, we have attempted to shed new light on the issues of labour and skills through concrete analyses based on evidence. While not exhaustive, as the subject is too vast, the book does cover several key elements of this theme, which has allowed us to debunk or support certain perceptions. Although each of the chapters in this 10th edition can be approached individually according to the specific interests of each reader, we feel it's useful to highlight the main conclusions as well as the cross-cutting elements that underlie several chapters.

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