Le Québec économique 10 - Chapitre 19 - Point de vue. L’immigration et le marché du travail au Québec : entre les besoins de court terme et une vraie intégration en emploi

Canada is one of the world's largest immigrant-receiving countries (representing 22% of the population in 2016), and many choose to settle in Quebec. However, despite policies, both federal and provincial, that aim to admit people with a high level of human capital and who are therefore likely to find a place in the job market and contribute effectively to Canada's development, many immigrants have difficulty integrating into this market. This is particularly unfortunate given the large labour needs in many sectors, including some with low skill requirements, which are exacerbated by an aging population, a low birth rate and economic growth. This chapter outlines some of the challenges faced by immigrants, including access to employment, non-recognition of foreign-earned skills and credentials, overqualification in employment, and entrepreneurship of necessity.

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