26 April 2021

Two CIRANO Researchers to provide climate change expertise to the Quebec Government



Pierre-Olivier Pineau, Full Professor in the Department of Decision Sciences and Holder of the Chair in Energy Sector Management at HEC Montréal, and Lota Tamini, Full Professor in the Department of Agri-Food Economics and Consumer Science at Université Laval, both CIRANO Researchers and Fellows, are among the experts appointed to the Advisory Committee on Climate Change set up by the Minister of Environment and Fight Against Climate Change Benoit Charrette.


The creation of this committee was announced on April 9. It is part of the Quebec Government's 2030 Plan for a Green Economy. The mandate of this scientific committee is to advise the Minister on orientations, programs, policies and strategies to fight climate change, taking into account the evolution of scientific and technological knowledge as well as scientific consensus in this area.


The members of the Committee, 12 experts mostly from the scientific community, were appointed on the recommendations of the Committee's Chair, Professor Alain Webster of the Université de Sherbrooke, and Rémi Quirion, Quebec's Chief Scientist. Along with Pierre-Olivier Pineau and Lota Tamini: Suzy Basile, Alain Bourque, Jérôme Dupras, Charles Larochelle, Alain Lemaire, Annie Levasseur, Catherine Morency, Catherine Potvin, Hugo Séguin, Kim Thomassin.


Read the press release from the Ministry of Environment and Fight Against Climate Change