02 October 2019

New CIRANO Book, Le Québec économique 8 : Le développement durable à l’ère des changements climatiques


For its eighth edition, Le Québec économique focuses on a current issue by focusing on the impacts of the climate on the Quebec economic situation. Entitled "Le développement durable à l’ère des changements climatiques" (Sustainable Development in the Era of Climate Change), the book brings together the work of 22 researchers from CIRANO and outside in a detailed analysis of certain economic and environmental issues. Le Québec économique 8 is available since October 2 in bookstores.


This edition was written under the direction of Marcelin Joanis, Vice-President of Research at CIRANO and Full Professor at Polytechnique Montréal, and Bernard Sinclair-Desgagné, CIRANO Fellow and until recently Full Professor at HEC Montréal.


Today, we cannot understand Quebec's economy without considering environmental issues and the fight against climate change. These condition key sectors, from agriculture to tourism, from mining and forestry to the energy sector. "In this context, it seemed legitimate and relevant to devote this eighth edition of Québec économique to this theme", says Marcelin Joanis, who co-edited the publication.


"In the North American context, Quebec can generally boast a good record in this area. It is part of the carbon market that aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and can rely on significant clean energy production through hydroelectricity. Will Quebec be able to take advantage of its enviable situation to successfully make the transition to a more environmentally friendly economy? With the contribution of more than twenty experts in their respective fields, the eighth edition of Québec économique offers an overview of these issues by exploring the social and international issues of sustainable development, green growth and innovation, energy transition, and public policies that promote sustainable development", souligne Marcelin Joanis.


The book begins with an analysis of the recent economic situation, and a reflection on globalization and the threat of protectionism. After focusing on Quebecers' perceptions of climate change, this overview explores the different facets of economic growth and green innovation, focusing on clean technology clusters and the circular economy. Social and international issues are then addressed from the perspective of international trade, public health issues and the integration of non-market aspects into economic analysis. The theme of energy transition follows with contributions on climate and energy policies as well as environmental policies in the automotive and electricity industries. Finally, a final section focuses on public policies for sustainable development from the perspective of prevention or adaptation measures and the financing of water services in Quebec.


"The next decade is likely to see most countries around the world update their environmental policies and make decisive societal choices for development. Canada and Quebec will be no exception. We hope that this new edition of Québec économique will help to inform the debates, and that many of the avenues and remedies proposed here will then be discussed and even retained", concludes Bernard Sinclair-Desgagné.


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