06 June 2019

Apply by showing your disability in a video, a winning strategy

Radio-Canada broadcast a report on the work of the DEPPI led by Charles Bellemare, Fellow CIRANO, Guy Lacroix, Fellow CIRANO and Marion Goussé.


On May 25, Radio Canada broadcast a report on the work of the DEPPI (Disability, Employment, and Public Policies Initiative). The report discusses the experience of video CVs, a research project led by the DEPPI team and led by principal investigator Charles Bellemare, Fellow CIRANO. CIRANO is a partner in this initiative and several other CIRANO researchers, including Sabine Kroger and Guy Lacroix, are involved in the research work of the DEPPI.


You can find the article online here: ici.radio-canada.ca/nouvelle


You can find the video of the report here: ici.radio-canada.ca/info/videos/


DEPPI website: https://www.deppi.org/