25 March 2019

Appointment of Ingrid Peignier as Senior Director of Partnerships and Research Valorization at CIRANO

In this capacity, Ms. Peignier will be responsible for strengthening CIRANO's liaison and transfer activities. She will be responsible for promoting research and disseminating research results to different audiences: the research community, partners, government, business and the public. She will oversee the implementation of strategies to foster collaboration between researchers and partners and to ensure sustainable relationships with partners.

Ingrid Peignier is an engineer from the École des Mines d'Alès in France and holds a Master's degree in Applied Sciences from Polytechnique Montréal. She began her career at CIRANO in 2001 as a research professional. She has since held various positions as Projects Director and Director of Partner Relations and Communication. Ms. Peignier was in charge of organizing the Thematic Forums (Innovation Forum, Agri-Food Forum and Human Resources Forum) to establish links with CIRANO partners and researchers.

As a risk management specialist, the research projects in which she collaborates focus mainly on risk assessment, identification, assessment, management and communication in various areas such as the transportation and storage of hazardous materials, underground infrastructure failures, food fraud, etc. Since 2011, she has been co-director of the annual CIRANO Barometer on risk perception in Quebec.

Through the many research projects she has collaborated on, for the provincial government (Ministry of Public Safety, Ministry of Transportation, Ministry of the Environment, Ministry of Agriculture and Food, etc.), the federal government (Environment Canada, Transport Canada, etc.) and municipal (Ville de Montréal, Ville de Gatineau, etc.) as well as for private companies or associations (UMQ, ACQ, Info-Excavation, ACRGTQ, IRSST, etc.), she has acquired extensive expertise in relationships with partners from which she will be able to benefit in her new role. Her numerous publications, in the form of project reports, books or chapters in collective works, her multiple participation as a speaker at conferences and her frequent appearances in the media contribute to CIRANO's influence and testify to her great ability to valorize research.

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