20 January 2023

CIRANO-CIREQ Workshops on Environmental and Natural Resource Economics

From the beginning of January to the end of April 2023, CIRANO and CIREQ are organizing workshops in environmental and natural resource economics once or twice a month.

This workshop is intended for researchers and doctoral students in economics who are interested in the economics of natural resources and the environment.

Here is a summary of the different workshops:


Workshop on January 13, 2023 (9:30 - 12:00)

  • Julie Metta-Versmessen, PhD candidate in Economics, KU Leuven

Managing Municipal Solid Waste with low citizen involvement: the case of Hong Kong


  • Nicolas Pinsonneault, PhD Student, HEC Montréal.

Tradable Climate Liabilities with Investment in Green Technology


Workshop on January 27, 2023 (9:30am - 12pm)

  • Alicia Bassière, PhD Student, HEC Montréal 

Moving Forward Blindly: Capacity Planning, Uncertainty, and Environmental Targets


  • Yoan Wallois, PhD student, University of Lille.

Multi-dimensional Environmental Legislation Stringency Index


Workshop on February 10, 2023 (9:30am - 12pm)


  • Jie He, full professor at the University of Sherbrooke and CIRANO researcher
  • Guy Martial Takam Fongang, Ph.D. Student at UQAM

Workshop of March 10, 2023 (9:30 am - 12 pm)

  • Louis Hotte, Professor University of Ottawa
  • Moubarak Mondou, PhD student Université Laval.

Workshop on March 24, 2023, in memory of Ngo Van Long (9:30 am - 12 pm)

  • Cees Withagent, Professor Emeritus University of Amsterdam 
  • Geir Asheim, professor at the University of Oslo.

Workshop on April 14, 2023 (9:30 am - 12 pm)

  • Étienne Billette de Villemeur, professor, University of Lille
  • David Benatia, professor, HEC Montreal.

Workshop on April 28, 2023 (9:00 am - 4:30 pm)

  • Kian Mintz-Woo (University of Cork), 
  • Shi-Ling Hsu (Florida State University), 
  • James Konow (Loyola Marymount University), 
  • Hiên Pham (UQAM)
  • Chris Timmins (Duke University).