04 October 2022

Jean-Philippe Meloche, speaker at the Forum Réflexion 2050

As part of the revision of the 2004 Urban Plan and the 2008 Mobility Plan, the City of Montréal mandated the Office de consultation publique de Montréal (OCPM) to hold a consultation on a preparatory document called Projet de Ville : vers un plan d'urbanisme et de mobilité.

This document is the preliminary step in the development of the Urban Planning and Mobility Plan, which will plan the future of the City of Montréal until 2050.

Jean-Phillippe Meloche, Director of the School of Urban Planning and Landscape Architecture at the University of Montreal, Principal Researcher of the CIRANO Territories theme, participated as a speaker at the Citizen's Forum - Quartiers de l'est on October 2, 2022 to discuss the issues of densification in Montreal's suburban environment, what densification we can expect in the coming years considering the current housing crisis and the City of Montreal's intention to become carbon neutral by 2050 and what types of densification should be favored.


Replay of the presentation