05 October 2022

Maurice Doyon receives the « 2022 Publication of Enduring Quality Award » from the Canadian Agricultural Economic Society

Maurice Doyon, full professor at Laval University, CIRANO researcher and Fellow and his co-authors, Christian Allen Vossler (University of Tennessee, Knoxville) and Daniel Rondeau (University of Victoria) have been awarded by the Canadian Agricultural Economic Society for the Publication of Enduring Quality Award 2022 for the article Truth in consequentiality: theory and field evidence on discrete choice experiments.


This prestigious award recognizes books, articles or journal articles that are at least ten years old and have had a significant impact on agricultural, food and resource economics.

This paper explores methodological issues surrounding the use of discrete choice experiments to elicit values for public goods. One of the paper’s strongest points is its game-theoretic development that resulted in six conditions to secure incentive compatibility in choice experiments.

The paper is based on an experimental economics experiment, a preliminary version of this paper is a Cirano publication.