07 June 2022

Presentation of the 2022-2023 research program

After another complicated year on the health, economic and social levels, the 2022-2023 research program reflects the dynamism of CIRANO's research in the service of such current social issues.

More than 60 very diversified research projects are planned this year in either one of our 10 major research themes or as part of our major initiatives such as CIRANO Poles, scientific partnerships or research collaborations.

Numerous liaison and transfer activities will be organized in order to bring together the research community and our partners, create a greater cohesion of research around targeted themes or increase the visibility of achievements and publications.

Furthermore, CIRANO is proud to unveil its annual theme for 2022-2023: «Meeting the challenges of supply chains». This theme is at the heart of current issues and many activities will be organized around it throughout the year. 


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