31 January 2022

Call For Papers - 32st Annual conference of the International Trade and Finance Association

The International Trade and Finance Association is calling for papers for their 32st Annual Conference which will take place on May 26-27, 2022 on the theme: Globalization in Transition

The scientific community is invited to make theoretical, conceptual and empirical proposals on all aspects of international trade and finance (trade, global value chains, growth, productivity, innovation, finance migration, cyber security economic warfare, digital free trade, e-commerce, intellectual property protections, trade in services, tourism, communications, transportation, governance, international law, management, and Industry-specific studies)

Lucian Cernat, Associate Researcher and Fellow Cirano and Thierry Warin, Researcher, Fellow, responsible of the CIRANO Pole in Data Science for Trade and Intermodal Transport, Full Professor at HEC Montreal and Past President of the International Trade and Finance Association will be present as panelists.

The detailed program of the event will be available on April 30, 2022.

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