13 January 2022

Renewal of Catherine Beaudry's Canada Research Chair

Catherine Beaudry, full professor in the Department of Mathematics and Industrial Engineering at Polytechnique Montréal, CIRANO researcher and Fellow, obtained the support of the Canada Research Chairs Program for a new mandate.

The Canada Research Chair directed by Professor Beaudry is interested in the concept of innovation ecosystems, i.e. a set of interrelated actors (small, medium and large companies, universities, governments, organizations, etc.) that are involved in innovation and in obtaining results from innovation.

While innovation ecosystems hold great promise for increasing competitiveness, high-skilled employment and positive impacts on society, there are few reliable indicators to measure their impacts. The Innovation Chair's work focuses on the creation of analytical models at multiple levels (organizations, ecosystem, society) and indicators on which governance and public policies specific to innovation ecosystems can be based.

For this new mandate, the Chair led by Professor Beaudry wishes to determine the role and measure the impact of different types of emerging technologies as agents facilitating technological proximity within and between organizations. The Innovation Chair also aims to describe elements, identify mechanisms and propose indicators to measure the impact of good governance (including digital governance) within different types of ecosystems, such as knowledge, innovation, business and platform ecosystems.

The Innovation Chair intends to measure the outcomes of innovation within different types of ecosystems and society, as well as to identify and measure the influence of the state as a catalyst for innovation within different types of innovation ecosystems.

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