Seminar: Should companies rely on their country of origin to differentiate from competition and attract customers?


Thursday 6 Dec 2018
From 5PM To 7PM

CIRANO organized a seminar for the launch of the book entitled Marketing and Globalization written by Aurélia Durand, Associate Professor at HEC Montréal and CIRANO Fellow, on December 6, 2018. Four other CIRANO Fellows from HEC Montréal also contributed to this work: Ari Van Assche, Patrick Cohendet, Ekateria Turkina and Thierry Warin.

During this launch, Ms. Durand presented one of the chapters of her book on territorial and geographically based marketing.

The presentation allowed for a better understanding of the concept of country of origin versus territorial marketing or place branding.  Ms. Durand demonstrated this by presenting an analysis of several examples of companies relying on the geographic cues (Canada Goose, IKEA, Victorinox, and Volkswagen) as well as several national examples of place branding (Argentina, Australia, Chile, and Slovenia).




Aurélia Durand's Presentation

"Argentina - Guía de uso de la marca país"


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1130 Rue Sherbrooke Ouest, Montréal, QC H3A 2M8, Canada

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