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External activity: Measuring income inequality in Canada and the provinces

Tuesday 12 Dec 2023
From 11:30AM To 1PM



How have inequalities changed in Canada since the 1980s? Are there any disparities between Quebec and the other provinces? What are the most effective tax and social policies to correct inequalities before and after taxes?

The Chair in Taxation and Public Finance, whose holder is Luc Godbout, professor at the University of Sherbrooke and CIRANO Researcher and Fellow, and the World Inequality Lab are organizing an online conference to present the results of a new study on inequalities in Canada since 1980.

On the program: Thomas Piketty, Professor at the Paris School of Economics and co-director of the World Inequality Lab, will present an introduction to the perspectives of research on inequalities. This will be followed by a presentation by Silas Xuereb, WIL, University of Massachusetts, Amherst Matthew Fisher-Post, WIL, François Delorme, WIL, CFFP, Université de Sherbrooke and Camille Lajoie, London School of Economics on the methodology and results of their study.

The webinar will be moderated by Luc Godbout.

The event will be held online and mainly in French.


→ For information and registration, click here.

Delorme, François
Lecturer, Université de Sherbrooke
Fisher-Post, Matthew
Researcher, Laboratoire sur les Inégalités Mondiales/World Inequality Lab
PhD student, Paris School of Economics
Godbout, Luc
CIRANO Researcher and Fellow
Full Professor, Université de Sherbrooke
Ph.D., Public Law, University Aix-Marseille III
Lajoie, Camille
Researcher, Université de Sherbrooke
Student (M.Sc.), London School of Economics
Piketti, Thomas
Professor, Paris School of Economics
Xuereb, Silas
Research Assistant, Laboratoire sur les Inégalités Mondiales / World Inequality Lab
PhD student, University of Massachusetts