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The evolution of the biofood sector in the territories of Quebec

Pub Universitaire - Université Laval

Monday 18 Dec 2023
From 11:30AM To 1PM

Agricultural production has undergone profound transformations in recent decades: specialization of companies, concentration within increasingly large companies, industrialization of production processes and intensification of the use of resources. However, these developments in agricultural production mask differences between sectors.

How has the sectoral evolution of agricultural production shaped the territories of Quebec ?

During this seminar, authors Annie Royer(Université Laval, CIRANO), Patrick Mundler (Université Laval, CIRANO) and Julie Ruiz (Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières) presented the analyzes and results of a recent CIRANO study (Royer et al. 2023) which analyzes the spatial dynamics of the biofood sector over more than five decades and identifies the main factors that explain these dynamics. This is the first study to examine the links between spatial dynamics and sectoral developments in agriculture.


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