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Homelessness: solutions exist and they're not just theoretical


Tuesday 7 Nov 2023
From 4PM To 6PM

Quebec is at a turning point when it comes to homelessness. Many observers point to the growing extent of Montreal's territory where people experiencing homelessness can be seen. In Montreal, the number of people in emergency shelter services has risen by 72% since 2018. And it's not just Montreal: the number of homeless people has exploded in several regions of Quebec.

This round table brought together Éric Latimer, professor at McGill University and searcher at Centre de recherche Douglas, Erin Strumpf, professor at McGill University and Jean Dubé, professor at Université Laval, all CIRANO researchers. Recognized specialists in the field of research in Quebec, they provided an overview of the main findings of the most recent studies, with a view to better understanding the reasons of the increase of this phenomenon and, above all, proposing solutions to put an end to this troubling societal problem. Solutions do exist, and they're not just theoretical. Sonia Côté, President and CEO of Le Chaînon in Montreal and Michel Simard, former Executive Director of Centre Le Havre in Trois-Rivières joined the panel to share their experience.

The panel was moderated by journalist Yves Boisvert (La Presse).


The event was hold in French.


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