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Bourstad Webinar : Career choices for graduates in the financial services industry

Monday 1 May 2023
From 7PM To 8PM

In this webinar, experts Benoit Desgroseillers, CRHA, Finance Montréal, Mélissa La Haye, CFA, Corporation Fiera Capital et Rémi Veilleux, Autorité des marchés financiers addressed various topics that may impact the industry's workforce needs: The lasting impacts of the pandemic for this industry, the anticipated impact of artificial intelligence and finance technology (fintech); responsible finance and insurance.

Bourget, Paul
Projects Director
MBA, Finance and Information Systems, McGill University
BAA, Marketing, HEC Montréal
Desgroseillers, Benoit
Vice President - Talent Development, Finance Montréal
Honorary President, Concours Bourstad 2024
La Haye, Mélissa
Senior Institutional Client Manager, Corporation Fiera Capital
Veilleux, Rémi
Trainer, Autorité des marchés financiers