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Challenges and promises of tax reform

Monday 13 Jun 2022
From 11:30AM To 1:30PM

Any tax reform must adapt to the economic reality of the 21st century and ensure a tax system that is «more equitable, progressive, fair and that integrates environmental and digital taxation as well as the gender perspective».

This quote is taken from the March 2022 report of the Spanish Tax Review Commission, but could just as easily be taken from the 2015 Godbout Report proposing a series of recommendations on Quebec taxation.

This seminarwas an opportunity to learn more about the recommendations of the Spanish Tax Reform White Paper with Violeta Ruiz Almendral, one of the 18 experts who sat on the Spanish commission. Luc Godbout, who chaired the Commission d'examen sur la fiscalité québécoise, offered his insightful perspective on the Spanish experience in the current context of Canadian and Quebec tax issues.


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