Primary health care models, provider behavior, health services and medication consumption, health equity, funding models, health policy analysis


A CIRANO Researcher since 2020, Maude Laberge is Assistant Professor in the Department of Operations and Decision Systems at the Université Laval. Holding a Ph.D. in Health Services Research from University of Toronto, her research interests are primary care, health economics, performance measurement.

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CIRANO Projects

Health at the heart of Quebec's economic recovery

Roxane Borgès Da Silva, Claude Montmarquette, Erin C. Strumpf, Mélanie Bourassa Forcier, Amélie Quesnel-Vallée, Maude Laberge, Carl-Ardy Dubois, Thomas G. Poder, Bernard Fortin, Guy Lacroix, Raquel Fonseca, Pierre-Carl Michaud, Suzanne Bisaillon, Raphael Godefroy, Maripier Isabelle


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