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A CIRANO Researcher since 2017, Bernard Korai is Associate Professor in the Department of Agricultural Economics and Consumer Sciences at Université Laval. He is also responsible for the Chaire de leadership en enseignement sur la consommation et le développement durables.

Holding a Ph.D. and MBA in Marketing from Université Laval, his scientific activities focus on the behavior of the consumer, from a consumer-organization perspective. In addition, he is interested in consumer behavior in services and more specifically in funeral services.

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CIRANO Publications by Bernard Korai

As an author

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Cadre d’évaluation de la durabilité adapté à la réalité des secteurs/filières bioalimentaires québécois

Lota Tamini, Bernard Korai, Laurence Poulin, Bignon Aurelas Tohon and Wajdi Hellali

Agriculture, Agri-Food and Sustainable Development

CIRANO Projects

Quantifying the environmental and social benefits of eco-responsible and eco-conditional criteria

Bernard Korai, Sophie Bernard, Marc Journeault, Mathias Glaus

Implementation of agri-environmental practices: characterization of efforts made by Quebec producers and consumer perception

Bernard Korai, Rémy Lambert

Territorial brands in the biofood sector: a tool to promote local and proximity purchasing

Achat local, produits du terroir, tourisme gourmand et saveurs du Québec : Quelles sont les stratégies gagnantes ? - Publié le December 18, 2023

Bernard Korai, Rémy Lambert, Assi Diane Osseyi, Fidèle Bakyono


Define strategic orientations for the deployment of the circular economy in Québec as part of the government's sustainable development strategy (2022-2027)

L’économie circulaire au Québec - Quelles options pour la stratégie gouvernementale en développement durable 2022-2027 ? - Publié le February 5, 2021

Bernard Korai, Sophie Bernard, Johanne Whitmore, Benjamin Laplatte

Information tools on food, bio-food products and food risks in Quebec

Outils d’information sur l’alimentation, les produits bioalimentaires et les risques alimentaires au Québec - Publié le February 9, 2022

Bernard Korai, Marie-Claude Roy, Ibrahima Bocoum, Yves-Fernand N'Da, Monita-Prima Aballo

Agriculture, Risk Management, Agri-Food

Sustainability assessment framework adapted to the reality of Quebec bio-food sectors/sectors

Cadre d’évaluation de la durabilité adapté à la réalité des secteurs/filières bioalimentaires québécois - Publié le December 1, 2020

Lota Tamini, Bernard Korai, Laurence Poulin, Wajdi Hellali, Bignon Aurelas Tohon

Agriculture, Agri-Food