Food distribution, retail management, customer satisfaction, consumer behaviour, leisure activities


A CIRANO Researcher and Fellow since 2016, JoAnne Labrecque is Associate Professor in the Department of Marketing at HEC Montréal. She is also Associate Member of the Omer DeSerres Chair of Retailing and Associate Member of the Carmelle and Rémi Marcoux Chair in Arts Management, and a member of the INAF.

Holding a Ph.D. in Consummer Economics from Cornell University, her research focuses on a variety of topics related to innovation in the food sector, product category management, satisfaction, value chain, sustainable development and, most importantly, analysis of consumer behavior towards various categories of food – functional, organic, fair or genetically modified – and health perceptions.

She has authored several expert reports and is a member of various boards in companies that are specifically involved in the food and retail sectors.

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CIRANO Publications by JoAnne Labrecque

As an author

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Commerce électronique, grande distribution, pouvoir de négociation et autonomie alimentaire

JoAnne Labrecque and Elizabeth Brisebois-Lacoste

Agriculture, Agri-Food and Digital Transformation

Relance de l’économie et autonomie alimentaire - Éléments de réflexions

JoAnne Labrecque, Ingrid Peignier, Henri-Paul Rousseau, Lota Tamini, Patrick Mundler, Michel Poitevin, Annie Royer, Meryem Bezzaz, Elizabeth Brisebois-Lacoste, Christophe Mondin, Molivann Panot and 6 other authors

Agriculture and Agri-Food

Compétitivité du secteur agroalimentaire à l’heure du commerce électronique

JoAnne Labrecque, Maurice Doyon, Raymond Dupuis and Genevieve Dufour

Agriculture, Agri-Food, Competition, Regional Development, Innovation and Digital Transformation

Approvisionnement du marché alimentaire québécois : des stratégies gagnantes

JoAnne Labrecque, Raymond Dupuis, Maurice Doyon and Jean-Claude Dufour

Agriculture and Competition

Mesure des propensions individuelles à payer pour les aliments fonctionnels : Une approche expérimentale auprès de consommateurs français

Maurice Doyon, Céline Jullien and JoAnne Labrecque

Agriculture and Experimental Economics

CIRANO Projects

The degree of competitiveness of the agri-food sector in the age of the Internet

Compétitivité du secteur agroalimentaire à l’heure du commerce électronique - Publié le December 10, 2019

JoAnne Labrecque, Maurice Doyon, Raymond Dupuis, Genevieve Dufour

Agriculture, Regional Development, Innovation, Digital Transformation