Rural development, Relations between agriculture and territories, Multifunctionality of agriculture, Local food circuits


Patrick Mundler is a professor in rural development at the Faculty of Agriculture and Food Sciences at Université Laval. His research focuses on the contemporary evolution of relations between agriculture (as an economic and social practice that plays a determining role in the use of resources and in territorial development) and rural, peri-urban and even urban areas. This leads him to study various phenomena that illustrate the interactions of agriculture with territorial development.
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CIRANO Publications by Patrick Mundler

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Productions sans quota et commercialisation en circuits courts - Statut et enjeux

Silvia Dominguez, Samuel Godefroy, Daniel-Mercier Gouin, Sophie Laughrea, Patrick Mundler, Simone Ubertino and 1 other authors

Agriculture and Risk Management

Circuits alimentaires de proximité - Quels bénéfices pour le développement des territoires? Étude de cas dans trois territoires québécois

Sophie Laughrea and Patrick Mundler

Agriculture and Sustainable Development
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