Macroeconomics, Monetary Policy, Learning Effects in Mcroeconomics, Inflation Expectations


Kevin Moran has a Ph.D. from the University of Rochester, NY. He is an associate professor at the Department of Economics at Université Laval, Quebec City. His main research interests include macroeconomics, monetary policy, learning effects in macroeconomics, and inflation expectations.
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CIRANO Publications by Kevin Moran

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Learning in the Oil Futures Markets: Evidence and Macroeconomic Implications

Sylvain Leduc, Kevin Moran and Robert J. Vigfusson

Energy and Natural Resources

Securities Transactions Taxes and Financial Crises

Benoît Carmichael, Jean Armand Gnagne and Kevin Moran

Financial risks

Unifying Portfolio Diversification Measures Using Rao's Quadratic Entropy

Kevin Moran, Benoît Carmichael and Gilles Boevi Koumou


Inflation and Growth: A New Keynesian Perspective

Robert Amano, Tom Carter and Kevin Moran


Exchange Rate Fluctuations and Labour Market Adjustments in Canadian Manufacturing Industries

Gabriel Bruneau and Kevin Moran

Econometrics and Labour Market
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