Law, regulation and policies of medicines and other health products, risk management and quality in health facilities, organization of the health network, governance, policy development process, patents and competition in the life sciences sector, risk sharing agreements, research contract, economic theories of law


A CIRANO Researcher and Fellow since 2010, Main Researcher of the theme Innovation and Digital Transformation, Mélanie Bourassa Forcier is Full Professor at the Faculty of Law of the Université de Sherbrooke. She directs the programs in Health Law and Policy and Life Sciences Law. She is also a member of the Commission de l'éthique en science et en technologie and Deputy Commissioner of Ethics and Regulations for the Commissioner of Health and Welfare.

Holding a Pharmaceutical Patent Law from McGill University, has expertise in the regulatory framework relating to the marketing and reimbursement of new medical technologies. She is particularly interested in their potential use to make a health care system more efficient, the incentives that encourage their development and the standards that may represent barriers to their implementation in health care systems. She is currently focusing her research on the legal issues (privacy, patents, marketing, liability) related to the implementation of artificial intelligence in the health sector.

She sat on the Board of Directors of the Montreal Heart Institute for nearly 5 years, where she chaired the Risk Management and Vigilance Committees. She has been called upon to present various conferences in London and in the United States on the subject.She has edited and published numerous books and articles on the subject of pharmaceutical regulation and health law. She has been the recipient of a number of prestigious awards and fellowships, including a SSHRC Doctoral Fellowship and the Commonweatlh Fellowship.

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CIRANO Publications by Mélanie Bourassa Forcier

As an author

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Les résidences privées pour aînés (RPA) au Québec : enjeux et opportunités

Mélanie Bourassa Forcier, Derek Dumont and Hugo Prevosto


Innovations en soins et services à domicile au Québec : barrières normatives et de gouvernance

Mélanie Bourassa Forcier, Maude Gauthier, Hugo Prévosto and Érika Scott

Innovation and Health

Le déploiement de la cybersanté au Mali: considérations juridiques à partir de la perspective québécoise

Mélanie Bourassa Forcier, Charles-Étienne Daniel, Arthur Oulaï, Natalia Torres Orozco, Olivia Toussaint-Martin, Mathieu Kiriakos and 1 other authors


Introduction d’un télérobot en résidences privées : Enjeux légaux et organisationnels

Mélanie Bourassa Forcier, Dary-Anne Tourangeau, Gaëlle Feruzi and Mathieu Kiriakos


Don d’organes au Québec - Étude comparée des bonnes pratiques

Luna Altarbouch, Nicholas Hébert-Gauthier and Mélanie Bourassa Forcier

Governance, Social Policies and Health

CIRANO Projects

The progress of health and social services institutions towards digital organizations: maturity and progress indicators

Daniel J. Caron, Mélanie Bourassa Forcier

Health, Innovation, Digital Transformation

Monitoring of innovations in home care services in Quebec

Innovations en soins et services à domicile au Québec : barrières normatives et de gouvernance - Publié le September 28, 2023

Mélanie Bourassa Forcier, Hugo Prévosto, Maude Gauthier


Highlighting the different models of private residences for seniors (RPA) in Quebec, issues and opportunities

Les résidences privées pour aînés (RPA) au Québec : enjeux et opportunités - Publié le May 27, 2024

Mélanie Bourassa Forcier, Dereck Dumont


Organ donation in Aboriginal communities: issues and barriers, literature review and research needs

Mélanie Bourassa Forcier


Health at the heart of Quebec's economic recovery

La santé au cœur de la relance économique du Québec - Publié le September 3, 2020

Roxane Borgès Da Silva, Claude Montmarquette, Erin C. Strumpf, Mélanie Bourassa Forcier, Amélie Quesnel-Vallée, Maude Laberge, Carl-Ardy Dubois, Thomas G. Poder, Bernard Fortin, Guy Lacroix, Raquel Fonseca, Pierre-Carl Michaud, Suzanne Bisaillon, Raphaël Godefroy