Environmental and resource economics, energy economics, applied game theory, development economics


Walid Marrouch has a Ph.D. in applied economics from HEC Montréal. He is a full professor of economics and is currently the Assistant Dean of Graduate Studies and Research at the Lebanese American University (LAU).

His main research interests are in environmental and resource economics, energy economics, and applied game theory. He is actively involved in academic research in addition to consultancy work for a number of international organizations.

He is also a Fellow at the Economic Research Forum for the Arab Countries, Iran and Turkey (ERF).

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CIRANO Publications by Walid Marrouch

As an author

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Economic Development and COVID-19 Cases

Walid Marrouch and Nagham Sayour

Covid-19, International Development, Economy, Strategy and International Economy, Public Finance and Health

Labor Market and Institutional Drivers of Youth Irregular Migration: Evidence from the MENA Region

Ghassan Dibeh, Ali Fakih and Walid Marrouch

Social Policies

Decision to Emigrate Amongst the Youth in Lebanon

Ghassan Dibeh, Ali Fakih and Walid Marrouch


Adaptation to Climate Change: How does Heterogeneity in Adaptation Costs Affect Climate Coalitions?

Itziar Lazkano, Walid Marrouch and Bruno Nkuiya

Environment and Energy and Natural Resources

Who hires foreign domestic workers? Evidence from Lebanon

Ali Fakih and Walid Marrouch